How Small Changes Can Impact Your Weight Loss Success

People don’t realize just how small changes can really impact their waistline.  Something like eating a single extra biscuit a week can lead to five pounds of weight gain in a single year.  So if you were to eliminate something that simple, you could shed five pounds instead.  Another example is dropping cola and going to something that uses stevia sweeteners instead.  Not only will the taste remain the same, but this can easily cut out 500 or 600 calories per day depending how much soda you drink.  You hear stories all the time about people who eliminated soda from their diet and all the sudden were down 15 pounds before they knew it.

You need to select a weight loss method that isn’t going to just generate a bunch of fast results, which you cannot sustain forever.  Anything that requires you to make huge changes to your diet without a strategy on how to keep the weight off permanently isn’t going to be a good thing.  For example, the Atkins diet eliminates carbs to help you lose weight, but you cannot keep from eating carbs indefinitely.  You need them as part of your diet, so switching over to a more natural diet after you lose the weight is important.  Establishing a strategy to work in the long term is important.

Simple Things to Keep in Mind To Succeed

Organic Weight Loss ShakesThere are many factors which impact your ultimate success losing weight on any method.  However, people don’t often consider that they may experience problems losing weight due to factors they can control themselves.  There are several simple things you can keep in mind to improve your chances of success.

  1. Be Patient – Don’t expect miracles in a short period of time.  Even if you are using a highly effective treatment like HCG, you won’t necessarily achieve your ultimate goals overnight.  Slow and steady wins the race, and this is particularly true with weight loss.
  2. Eating foods like fish, nuts and other natural ingredients that contain fat actually can be healthy.  Cutting out all fat is not good for you anymore than cutting out all of any other vitamin or mineral our body needs.  You want to eat foods that are more natural and healthy, without heavily processed ingredients.  This is more important than the actual content of the foods themselves.
  3. Steam and boil your food if possible.  Avoid making things in a pan on the stove, or pay frying anything even if you don’t add oils.  The fats from the food won’t be able to drain away and it will only condense even further.  It will also burn off a lot of the nature waters in the food which help you to feel full
  4. Avoid becoming discouraged if you don’t see results in the speed you expected.  One of the biggest factors people need to overcome is often their own expectations.  Everyone wants to succeed overnight, but real success takes time and diligence.
  5. Reduce alcohol consumption.  Though it’s good to drink a glass of red wine each day due to many life extending benefits that it offers, doing too much alcohol is just empty calories.  Many people will gain weight quickly through too much alcohol consumption alone.

If you go on a crash diet or skip meals regularly what happens is that your metabolism slows down considerably to compensate.  This can be a huge problem when you do eat, as you will be more hungry, you will eat more, and you will achieve less fat burning as a result.  If your body thinks it’s going without food for awhile, your metabolism will drop rapidly.  This is what products like HCG try to prevent, but if you are just dieting this won’t be prevented at all.  Regular meals are very important for weight loss.


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