Green Coffee Beans – What You Lose When You Brew Roasted Coffee

Coffee is roasted in a process at temperatures up to 500 degrees F and the left in the sun to fully dry for several more days.  This process actually destroys many of the compounds found in natural coffee beans, and concentrate the caffeine content of the beans as well.  It also enhances the flavor of the beans.  Green coffee natural has a lot of antioxidants and compounds which help boost metabolism and decrease appetite, but they’re destroyed during this process.

Researchers have spent a lot of years trying to understand why green coffee is so much better for us, but also how to make use of this in the most effective way possible.  Green coffee cannot be eaten raw very easily, so it needs to be purified and extracted into some compound that preserve these benefits for use by those needing to lose weight.  Researchers have been examining just how to do this now for several years, with multiple studies verifying how well this works.  It’s today, one of the most popular weight loss aids out there.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss and Dieting

Recent research has been heavily pro-green coffee and coffee in general, as it offers significant health benefits beyond just weight loss.  For example, a recent Harvard study clearly showed that daily intake of coffee, over 6 cups even, resulted in much lower risks of colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  This also benefits a person’s mental performance as well, with productivity increases and much better mood.  People who drink coffee regularly have a much lower risk of developing depression, for example.

Green coffee extract used for weight loss has a particular compound which is lost by the roasting process: chlorogenic acid.  This is the only way for people to obtain this ingredient as it’s not found in any other known fruits or vegetables.  This has the significant benefit of rapid weight loss through metabolism increases which are caused by this compounds interaction with our cells.  Green coffee extract has been shown, due to this compound to inhibit the growth of tumors as well via the same mechanism.  It helps improve kidney liver function as well when regularly taken in.  These are just some of the benefits of green coffee rather than roasted coffee.

Vegetable Polyphenols and Their Effects

Another reason that green coffee helps with weight loss is that it contains a particular kind of polyphenol, which helps keep your cells healthy and also absorbs fat that your take into your body.  Your body processes fat or carbohydrates into lipids.  These compounds actually absorb these lipids and keep them from being absorbed into your body.  They are lost during the roasting process, to they can only be found in green, unroasted coffee beans.

Another type of compound of the same value is tocopherols which contain Vitamin-E.  This is a powerful type of antioxidant that cuts free radicals, a major cause of cancer.  Green coffee has ample supplies of them, but roasted versions do not.  They help destroy lipids as well cutting even more fat from users.  Free radicals also have been linked to most forms of cancer, particular solid formation of cancer in organs.  Regular green coffee intake can significantly reduce this in patients.  Another benefit is that these polyphenols actually reduce the person’s likelihood of developing gallstones or kidney stones.

Coffee has also been linked in several studies to boosting the person’s exercise abilities, primarily with weight training or highly physical activites.  It helps supplement a better diet, as well as lose weight, but does so in more preferable areas of the body than just losing fat all over.  Prior to beginning to use green coffee you would want to talk to a doctor or ensure you can drink it safely and caffeine doesn’t interfere.  Green coffee can be drank, but most of the time it’s given in capsules as in the studies indicated previously.  In a study, 1050mg of GCA (green coffee extract) was consumed each day, and resulted in a weight loss of around 15 pounds per month without needing any changes to the person’s diet whatsoever.

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  1. This is a super interesting topic. I had been looking for information on this, but everyone just kept trying to sell me stuff instead of providing objective info. I’d been considering the green coffee extract diet for awwwwwhile now, but never could make up my mind. You’ve given me the “umph” I needed to give it a shot!

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