When Comparing HCG Drops Products – Real Ones Give You More

Many people are struggling to find the weight loss treatment that actually is right for them.  It can be difficult to fish through the thousands of different methods out there, all which claim to offer users success.  It should come as no surprise to many that losing weight is more challenging than just taking a magic pill or going on a crazy diet.  You need to find a method that not only is highly effective, but clinically proven to work.  Testimonials only take you so far, you need objective verification of any methods you try.

Example User Results from HCGA product that’s made the rounds recently, and has been used by doctors for some 50 odd years to help patients lose weight, is the HCG hormone.   This hormone has been used to help control appetite and increase metabolism in thousands of patients over the years.  On average, people would lose around 1/2 pound to 1 pound per day when using this treatment.  It has a long history of use in clinical settings, and has been sell documented in numerous studies.  The reasons it does this are relatively simple, but completely unique to this glycoprotein hormone.

The HCG diet has historically been administered via injections, but it’s not the only method to do so.  The hormone acts on the body’s hypothalamus gland, increasing metabolism and decreasing appetite directly.  This is a completely unique property and is not found in any other methods of weight loss.  Injections when compared to oral droplets of the hormone are effective, but are also painful to administer and can be quite expensive as well.  It’s important to keep this in mind when selecting a method for weight loss, as your success depends on doing something that is both affordable and reasonable to meet your goals.

Pure HCG vs Homeopathic HCG Drops

The use of HCG drops rather than injections makes a lot of sense for many people looking to lose weight with this method.  Not only is it cheaper, pain-free to administer, but it’s also just as effective.  You can do all of the great things you can do with injections, but do so without any pain whatsoever.  It’s difficult to even get close to find all these things in one with another treatment.  Most people still lose the great 1+ pound per day during their diet and all.

There are many HCG drops products out there, most of them are just rebranded products made from the same manufacturer.  These products are known as Homeopathic HCG, which if you’re familiar with what homeopathic means just indicates that the product effectively doesn’t contain the hormone whatsoever, or even with a single molecule of it per bottle.  Unlike real HCG drops products, such as the excellent ones provided from retailers like http://www.hcgplusdrops.com, most people who use these products don’t even realize what they’re taking doesn’t even contain the genuine hormone.  You not only don’t receive any of the hormone, but your results are going to be terrible.  In studies those not taking HCG and just going on the protocol lost about 80% less total weight during the regimen.

There are a few ways that you can actually protect yourself and avoid accidentally buying these sorts of fakes.  Real HCG will always list how much of the hormone it provides, in either IUs or in milligrams per bottle.  This is important, because if it says something else (most commonly 4x, 6x, 12x, or something along those lines) it’s not the real thing.  Secondly real HCG always needs to be refrigerated, particularly if opened.  You have to keep it from breaking down in the open air, which requires this.  Lastly, it must not contain alcohol.  Alcohol destroys the hormone and degrades it quickly when it’s exposed.  These three characteristics are almost never true with homeopathic drops.

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