My Latest Cinchspiration Update – Check Out These Numbers!

You know, I kept telling myself that I was failing because I was eating more often. But, what I’m realizing is that it’s not how much I’m eating – it’s what I’m eating that’s making a difference. I still have my moments of weakness where I’ll break down and have an extra snack, but I haven’t been pigging out on every single sweet that crosses my path.

My mind has changed and it’s a strange sensation. The other day I was at Publix – surrounded by a ton of junk food and sugar – and I needed a snack. Much to my surprise, I found myself in the produce section looking for a quick snack. I ended up with a little prepared snack pack of apple slices and grapes. Instead of going down the candy aisle and picking up circus peanuts and gummy worms, I bought fruit.

Healthy Natural Foods for Dieting

My tastes are changing and I’m now seeking out healthy food.

Now, I want to be clear. I have not become a health nut all of a sudden. I have still had my fair share of Diet Cokes in the past few weeks and I still struggle to pass up soda in social settings. It seems soda is my one vice that is going to be the hardest habit to kick.

Let’s check on my weight, shall we?


Start Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Weight 157.2 152.4 148.8 147.4
BMI 25.3 24.6 24.0 23.8

I’m currently one week into Month 3 of this Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss journey and I’m down 1.4 pounds so far. Just being in the 140s has been such a sweet victory for me. I thought I would never get out of the 150s and I thought I would never get out of a size 14. However, I will need to go shopping next week because my pants are literally falling off of me at every turn. I’m very nervous to see what size I end up needing when I go next week. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Since my last update I haven’t posted much about the journey to lose this weight.  I’ve been struggling with ups and downs as various “family gatherings” or other things pull me different directions.  It hasn’t been remotely easy, but so far the progress I’ve made has made me really happy.  Being below 150 was my original goal, so it’s great.  I’m down to a size 12 and aiming for a final result of a size 8 or below.  This is going to be a huge challenge.

I’m starting to feel more energetic and the foods I eat are now a lot healthier than they were originally.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the processed foods that I was eating before, and I think this has made the biggest impact.  When I cut out soda and other things I was eating each day, it really made a big difference for me.  This was my realization that I wasn’t doing things properly before and that I needed to step up my game a bit.  Cutting out all that nasty processed food is what really made the difference in the end.  That was the missing piece for me.

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