The Secret to Weight Loss is Not Mysterious – Diet and Exercise is All It Takes

Have you tried to lose weight before and failed? You’re not alone, millions of Americans every year experience the same thing.  There’s been considerable work done in labs and in clinical testing to find out just why so few people can achieve long term weight loss.  There’s no easy answer to this, but it’s a mix of lack of energy, lack of motivation, lack of accountability and our own bodies fighting against the effort (something that is slowly coming out as one of the most important factors, if not the most important overall).

Trying to Lose Weight Without Exercise

So many people try to lose weight, particularly with “fad diets”, but don’t want to exercise.  However, your body actually decreases your metabolism drastically once you start cutting calories.  Sure there are methods like the HCG diet that actually can help this from occurring, but these things are more the exception than the general rule.  Most people need to exercise to keep their body’s metabolism high and to enable them to burn calories effectively throughout the program.

How Exercise Impacts Your Success

In spite of what you may hear from others, there’s a huge correlation between exercise and weight loss results.  A multitude of studies have clearly demonstrated this correlation.  There are certainly methods to avoid getting hit with massive exercise regimens, but it’s difficult to lose weight in the longer term without at least some exercise.  It can be anything from walking to biking, but something has to be done particularly after you go back to a more normalish diet later on.  Weight training is a good addition as well, later on.  The perfect weight loss routine in exercise will involve both aerobic and resistance training.

How to Select the Proper Foods

Choosing Diet or Exercise MethodsExercise is great, and is an important part of any successful weight loss attempt, however, your diet is as important or even more important when it comes down to it.  There are many foods that actually help stimulate your weight loss and enable you to keep the weight off once you lose it.  There are many foods, like carbohydrate rich, or processed foods which can be a huge problem for your body.  This is not to say you cannot eat any carbs, but they are turned into sugars in your body and can significantly increase weight gain.  There’s really no difference between eating a chocolate bar and eating a piece of bread, your body turns the bread into very similar sugars during digestion.  You want to eat whole grains, if you eat things from the cereal family.

You want to use whole grains for your starches because of how low their glycemic index is.  They provide essential fibers, but really cut down on sugar and weight gain comparatively.  They also help keep your digestion healthy and cultivate healthier bacteria in your stomach.  This helps with your weight loss but also has a positive impact on your heart’s health as well.  Concentrate on eating these sorts of healthy foods to achieve the best results possible.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Diets certainly can help you lose weight, but what’s important is to make real changes to your lifestyle.  If you change the way you eat, but continue to think of it as a “temporary” change, you will never be able to keep the weight off down the road.  There are many ways to eat healthy and also deliciously, so it’s important to keep this in mind and seek out such solutions.  Finding a method that not only works but also is something you can sustain in the longer term is imperative for your success.  You need to have reasonable goals, a solid attitude and willingness to make real life long changes.

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